continue your self love journey with Fervour.

Fervour jewelry's #1 goal is to be apart of your self love journey. The hand crafted I Am Enough Ring was made to be a reminder that you are enough no matter what. Your worth isn't based on your productivity levels, your appearance, social status or job situation. Your worth is what you decide and I hope that my rings can remind those who wear them that they are amazing even if they are having a rough time. We are just humans experiencing life with way to many outside pressures that can make it seem like the sky is falling, but its not. You are enough and you are perfect just as you are.


I chose the name fervour because it's definition describes my drive for this companys purpose perfectly.

Fervour - An intense and passionate feeling of self love.

Discover the intense and passionate feeling of our products, designed to evoke a sense of fervour in every customer.

We have a simple but powerful mission...

The "Enough Movement", was created by us to empower individuals around the world through meaningful jewelry that reminds them they are loved, strong, and most importantly perfect enough just the way they are.

Whether you struggle from racing thoughts, need something to fidget with during your work presentation, or are just having a bad day, our wearable affirmations are designed to help you remember just how powerful, beautiful, and strong you really are. Our pieces serve as daily reminders of your inner strength and worth.

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